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What are the transition arrangements for children?

What are the transition arrangements for children?

Staff at Osbournby Primary School work closely with our local pre-school providers and our Class 1 teacher makes visits to get to know all our children before they join the Reception Class.


 Any child whose special needs have already been identified will be regularly reviewed by their pre-school and once our school has been chosen by parents/carers the school will be invited to attend reviews.  This allows staff the opportunity to understand a child’s needs and get to know both the child and their family.  Before a child joins our school we encourage visits by both pupils and parents to ensure that all adaptations to provision are in place on their first day.


Transition from class to class can be daunting for some pupils, particularly if they have special needs.  As part of the transition process staff meet to discuss the needs of individuals and the support that is required.  They discuss the child’s strengths and interests as well as their difficulties and review their progress.  Where a child needs to adjust to their new environment, pupils make a series of visits in order for them to feel confident in their new surroundings, and with their teachers, classroom organisation and routines.


The transition to secondary school is often a worrying time for both pupils and their families.  The school will support children and parents through the whole process from choosing the right school, to settling in during the first few weeks.  The school SENDCo will arrange visits from secondary school staff and ensure they are invited to review meetings.  Both pupils and parents will have a say in the way that they are supported in their transition.  If your child has an Education Health & Care (EHC) plan the process of transition will begin formally when we review provision and progress in Year 5, this allows adequate time for decisions to be made.  Once you have made a decision about the best possible school for your child and been offered a place, you will be offered the opportunity to make additional visits and the SENDCo will put a transition plan in place, which may include: visits to the new school to meet key adults; working with the child to put together a ‘Things I’d like you to know about me’ information pack that will be shared with the new school; and working with pupils to understand timetables, school maps etc.