Succeeding Together

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Digger Bees

Our class is a mix of Year 3 & Year 4 pupils.


We have an exciting curriculum which we carefully plan to ensure that all subjects are taught throughout the year. 


We have access to 3 computers within the classroom as well as 11 IPADS. In addition, we have access to laptops and further IPADS when required. We enjoy using ICT to enhance our learning in all curriculum areas. 


Spelling patterns are taught in class and practiced daily. Times tables are also practiced on a regular basis through various activities, games and quizzes! We also enjoy using Times Tables Rockstars to improve our fluency. Each child has a log in and is encouraged to practice regularly at home. Spelling patterns and times tables are also sent home on alternate weeks for pupils to practice.


Our class is a stimulating & fun place where we learn in a secure & supportive environment. Pupils are encouraged to work independently, but support is provided, if needed, by the teachers or teaching assistants. We are also lucky to have many willing volunteers, who give up their time to help out regularly, with readers & small group activities.


In Digger Bees' class, we believe that when we are having fun, we are more receptive to learning.


National Curriculum Objectives