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Class 2

Welcome to the Honey Bee Class!

Your teacher is Mrs Bide

Have a look at all the exciting things that we have been doing!

Find out about our curriculum by clicking the link below.

Look at our classroom all ready for learning!


Scroll down to see what we were learning about last term!

We have been learning about World War 2!

WW2 Poem

Still image for this video
We visited the 'We'll meet again museum' near Boston to find out even more about WW2!


Scroll down to find out about what the Honey bee class did last year! 

We really enjoyed our day learning about Indian culture.

Let's Play!


We made superhero finger puppets!

First we explored real hand and finger puppets.
We looked closely to see how they were made.
The we made some paper mock-ups.
It was harder than we thought!
It helped us to develop our ideas.
We tried different ways of attaching fabric.
Sewing was very tricky!
But the finished puppets...
...were worth all the effort!

Superhero Poem!

Still image for this video
Watch us performing a poem. We invented all our own actions!

The classroom is ready for a new school year. All it needs now are some superheroes!

Our super reading area!
Super spelling zone!
The writing area.
Superhero headquarters.
Inside the headquarters
Inside the headquarters.
What is happening in the world today?

This term our topic is 'castles'.


To kick our topic off the whole class went to visit Tattershall castle for the day.  

Tattershall Castle!
This Is Paul who looked after us.
We explored from the bottom....
... to the very top!
Paul showed us a long bow.
We pretended to be archers.
In the afternoon we explored some old objects.
What a busy day!

In R.E. we have been learning about baptism. 

We have linked this with our D.T. work to design and make a

healthy salad to eat at our Christening party!

First we looked at ready made salads.
Then we tried different combinations...
... of ingredients...
... to see what we liked.
We had to learn how to use a knife safely...
... so we practised with palydough.
After designing, we had to peel,
and slice...
... to make...
out tasty salads!
Then we went to the church,
for the baptism
where Rev Nick
baptised the baby
before we all
walked back to school!
Back at school we celebrated the baptsim...
and ate our delicious salads!

Class 2 have been learning about...



We have been finding out about the Great Fire of London. We looked closely at a real fire.

We found out about some of the jobs that people did in the past – and decided that we didn’t like the sound of some of them! Nobody wanted to be a ‘gong famer’!

We re-enacted the morning of the fire imagining what it might have been like to live in London at the time.

We compared firefighters of the past with modern day firefighters.

We went to see the King to make suggestions about how London should be rebuilt!

Year 1 have been learning to count in 2’s and learning to use an i-pad to take photos of their learning.

Whilst Y2 have been learning to multiply.

In RE we have been finding out about our own and other poeple's speical books.......and finding out about the Torah.